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Responsive Web Design

Portfolio Projects

Click to see Cardiff Chi Club site
(opens in a new window)Cardiff Chi Club website

Cardiff Chihuahua Club

HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript
Click to read from Hacker News
(opens in a new window)Hacker Stories App

Hacker Stories App

React with an API and CSS
Click GlampTastic site
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GlampTastic website



Number 22 website

Number 22

HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript
Click to countdown to your birthday
(opens in a new window)Birthday Countdown with Results Screen

Birthday Countdown App

React with CSS module

Jenny Seal's Skills

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Hi! My name is Jenny Seal and I live in Cardiff.

I am a developing Front End Developer who makes accessible, responsive and visually appealing websites.

I've enjoyed a diverse 25 year career that has taken some twists and turns including:

With an eye for design and love of learning and problem solving, I'm now honing my HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React skills in order to make quality websites. Logos for HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Contact Jenny

If you have a web project or need someone to join your team, please get in touch.

Browse my GitHub Portfolio, email me on or call 07886 001 184.